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Benefit from a more transparent and reliable electric rate with the Truly Fixed Plan.

Learn about our fixed rates today.

Get a Truly Fixed Rate Electricity Plan that Delivers More

You may be asking yourself: What the heck does “fixed rate electricity” mean and why should I even think about getting it? By choosing a fixed rate electricity plan, you’ll get more price consistency month-to-month and probably even save a little cash over time because your electricity rate stays the same for the duration of your utility contract.

Not only that, but with the Truly Fixed Plan from Amigo Energy, you’ll also benefit from having all charges bundled into your electricity rate. Why settle for less when you can benefit from more price transparency with a reliable fixed rate electric plan today? Call us before 12 PM to lock in your fixed rate and turn on your power today.1


Enjoy 24 or 36
Month Fixed Rate Electricity

Living in Texas, you have the power to choose between electric companies. That’s why Amigo Energy features quality, consumer-friendly electric rates. Our Truly Fixed Plan allows you to kick back and relax because—as supply-side utility rates rise—you’ll enjoy a transparent, fixed kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate over the course of your 24 or 36 month contract.

Get All
Charges Included

Overwhelmed by all those charges on your electric bill? Confused by the crafty contract jargon? The Truly Fixed Plan bundles your electric costs and pricing, including Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) charges, into one rate. Not only does this simplify your electricity bill, but it also makes predicting future utility costs easier than ever.

Add Renewable Energy to Your Truly Fixed Plan

Cut your carbon emissions with any of our energy plans for just $9.99 a month.


More Fixed Rate Residential Electricity Plans

Basics Plan

Looking for more flexibility with your fixed rate electricity plan? The Basic Plan is our most flexible, featuring a variety of contract-length options to choose from. Pro tip: lock in your rate price for longer and save over the long haul.

Learn More

Assurance Plan

Rest assured that you’re getting a competitive fixed electricity rate when you choose our Assurance Plan. No more guessing if you’re enjoying the best kWh pricing possible over your 24-month contract.

Learn More

Call 888-331-8871 to lock in your fixed rate electricity price.

Pros and Cons of Variable Rate Electric Plans

Like any seasoned Tejano, you’ve probably heard tell of variable rate electricity plans. Just like fixed rate electricity plans, variable rate plans have pros and cons. Basically, as market prices go up and down, so does your electricity rate. This can be good if you ride the right energy market waves. Be careful, however, because variable rate plans can also burn you if prices shift dramatically like sometimes happens in the wake of natural disasters and other unforeseeable events that impact energy supply costs.

Electricity rates fluctuate with energy market prices

Save over the short term if energy prices dip

Pay more over time as energy prices continue to rise

Get a Truly Fixed Rate Electricity Plan that Delivers More

Online Support

Whether you prefer to change your account settings from your computer or your smartphone, Amigo Energy has an online support option for you. Update your account settings and check your energy usage 24/7.


Phone Support

Feel more comfortable getting your residential customer service over the phone? Amigo Energy has over 500 US-based customer service agents to give you a hand with your account and billing. ¿Hablas español? No te preocupes—tenemos agentes bilingües también. Either way helpful customer service is just a phone call away.

500+ customer service agents

Spanish-speaking agents available

Helpful Resources

The Amigo Energy website also features a ton of resources to help get your utility-related answers quicker. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about your account or our services. Likewise, if you’re looking for energy-efficiency tips, visit Powerline and see how you can start saving energy today.


Amigo Energy Has Free Energy Plans, too

Nights Free Plan

  • No charges from 9pm – 7am, including TDSP charges2
  • 24-month fixed rates

Learn More

Green Energy Plan

  • Up to 100% renewable-energy credits
  • 24-month fixed rates

Learn More

Assurance Plan

  • 24-month fixed rates
  • No monthly fees or base charges

Learn More

Find the right energy plan for you today. Call 888-331-8871.

Amigo Energy Customer Reviews Tout Low Electricity Rates


I’ve been with Amigo for more than 7 years and it was the best decision for me! 我很高兴与他们的低能量率, very clear and accurate advertising, and my weekly energy report that shows me an estimate of how much could be my bill.

Susan V.
Houston, TX

I chose Amigo Energy because of the low rate they gave me when I signed up on January 2013. And I still got good rates for renewal contract.

Adriana S.
Houston, TX

The only company that I feel secure and understand what I’m paying is Amigo Energy.They have better rates and good customer service. They also offer a great opportunity with their referral program.

Meiling P.
Houston, TX

1Offer currently available to TX customers only. Must call before 12 PM CT to get same day installation. Must have Advance Meter. Other Terms and Conditions apply

2Offer is available to Texas residential customers. Plan bills $4.95 base charge, energy charge including Transmission and Distribution charges each billing cycle for all hours. Usage consumed between 9 pm and 7 am daily is credited on your bill. Terms and conditions apply. Rates quoted are based on 35% usage at night.

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