Power Up with Business Electricity Plans from Amigo Energy


Business Electricity Plans from Amigo Energy

Small Business

Sign up your small business today for business electricity from Amigo Energy with the online enrollment portal. Choose your preferred start date, decide the terms of your contract, and even lock in fixed pricing to get the best deal.
  • Competitive low rates
  • Convenient online sign up
  • Future start dates available
  • Enroll multiple locations

Large Business or Customized Quote

Because every business is different, Amigo Energy offers customized quotes to accurately assess the commercial-electricity needs of your particular business. Work with a knowledgeable Amigo Energy specialist to find the best plan to power your business.

  • Customized commercial electricity
  • Dedicated and experienced sales team
  • Strong corporate partnership


Request a Custom Quote

No two businesses are the same, especially large businesses. And no one understands this better than Amigo Energy, which is why we offer customized quotes designed to accurately assess the needs of your unique business. Our experienced commercial energy specialists will consult with you to understand how your business uses energy to find an energy rate that works for your organization. To get started, give us a call at 1-888-528-2672 or fill out the quote request form below.

Amigo Energy’s Agents and Aggregators in Texas

As a respected business electric company, Amigo Energy understands the importance and benefits of aggregator and agent relationships, and is always looking for new partnerships. If you are interested in marketing Amigo Energy services, please contact the Commercial Sales Team at [email protected].

Amigo Energy’s Texas Business Partners


Amigo makes my life easy by providing an online portal with great information which helps me out with my bills and usage.

Chris Coronado
Amigo Energy customer

Want to speak to a business electricity plan specialist? Call Amigo Energy at 888-590-4039

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